Archives December 2019

Mac OSX app started – XCode integration

A Mac app is being developed to provide integration with the web based assets. Through this integration, snippets and other assets can be incorporated directly into an XCode project. Template generation can also be accomplished either directly from the app or from the web, once generation has completed.

Versioning snippets

Versioning … a crafty way to make updates and keep previous changes around. A novel idea – it takes us back to childhood, when we gave our siblings hair cuts with safety scissors and then showed our mother our new skills – that would be a great thing to revert to a previous version.

Change is inevitable and allowing for the versioning of our snippets is paramount to maintain our intellectual property – versioning allows for us to update to the shifting winds of our requirements but maintain historical values of our assets.

Change is good !

I have been dragging, now its time to drop

We all feel like this … in the morning. Until that first cup of coffee, we feel like we are dragging, and then that first drop of caffeine arrives. In a similar fashion, as developers (as most of us rely on coffee) like ease of use, CodeNeighbor has added the ability to drag code into the editor window and drop it in for use.

We aim to provide these type of features, while in this case, not earth shattering, undeniably is a great thing to provide ease of use – this is the outcome we expect:

but not this: