Archives January 2024

Whiteboarding … lets play with paint

Version 2.01 is released and with it the new feature of white boarding. This initial release of drawing capabilities is just the beginning .. the whiteboard is where you can draw out ideas, sketch, fingerpaint … and eventually collaborate in real time.

This introduction will continue to have updates providing for more feature rich capabilities – adding shapes, text and the usual suspects. Planning has begun to use this new feature as the initial real time collaboration for individuals and teams to use a whiteboard with other collaborative features to follow.

We hope you like this simple addition … take it for a spin … even to do some simple finger painting !

Version 2.0 is in the store !

We hope you have been trying out CodeNeighbor and now an updated version, 2.0, is available in the store !

As always, we are continuing to apply new feature updates to ensure this application provides the developer community with great capabilities and as always, your feedback is welcome and requested.

Version 2.0 adds an exciting new feature: CRON (no, not TRON, which would be cool – stay tuned, ya never know if a light cycle might appear). CRON is available in the automation section and provides that feature which may not be available in corporate environments and includes some capabilities not available in the traditional CRON as well.

CRON is just the first of more automation capabilities on our roadmap and a sneak peak of that is adding a visual workflow builder and API creation, testing and deployment to a Swift server as well … so stay tuned.