Messaging and audio updates

Version 2.36 is now available and includes some great new features !

Push notifications messaging from the CodeNeighbor system is now available. System messages can be delivered for updates and information. This update allows CodeNeighbor to release timely updates and stay connected with you and your teams. Communication is key to success and these updates provide a pathway to our next steps which is chat messaging support.

The main component of this remote notification setup is the Apple Push Notification service, also known as APNs. APN in actuality is a collection of services that allows the developer to send the notifications from their server to the targeted iOS devices. The APNs are robust and secure methods to establish a connection between the provider server and individual Apple devices. 

Audible and speech cues have also been added to complement any messaging. Incoming messages from the system can provide audio cues when they arrive and we are interested in evaluating the role audio cues can play in improving engagement and outcomes in the context of messaging. This feature does provide the ability to be disabled should one wish to turn it off.