Script invocation … all the rave

CodeNeighbor has introduced a new item in the dashboard: scripts. With scripts (currently only unix scripts, but other supporting coming soon for Swift, Python, etc.), invocation of the script can be done within the application.

Wait, that’s not a big deal, right ? Actually, it is just the first phase of a planned automation in early 2024 … the ability to run a flow using scripts, code and built-in functions to perform custom workflows. The flows could support code and application generation, data transformation, API testing .. seemingly endless possibilities.

This is part of a larger vision for what CodeNeighbor can do for you and your team. Imagine, using (another soon to be introduced feature) a schedule, to search for artifacts matching a criteria, deciding if the results should be further analyzed for useful code snippets, notifying the team at 2am of those findings.

Clearly, there is a large roadmap ahead of us, but we believe this will open more ideas and creative solutions that not only save time but improve communication and collaboration.

We are excited to be planning these upgrades and welcome others to be involved, provide beta testing and feedback … and those that do would be provided with level upgrades for their efforts. Stay tuned.