Template generation development

One of the primary purposes for creating CodeNeighbor was to enable builders to build faster, with more standardized procedures (best practices) and simplify the traditional boilerplate code that exists is most applications. While this is not new, CodeNeighbor provides the ability to find those chunks of code (snippets) to either add to a template or simply add to your code directly (in XCode).

Template generation, the CodeNeighbor way, enables you with a green field / clean slate approach. You can use existing templates, build your own or a combination of both. You identify the snippets, if any, to include in those templates and then you click a button and sit back while the magic happens.

Traditional sites which enable the non technical individual to build mobile apps is something that was once very popular, but that popularity came at a price. The app stores started rejecting those apps based on various criteria, the apps were generally no more than brochure-ware quality and to be honest, those apps that require the thing that makes them stand out, well, was not possible with those site generators.

We do not approach app building with that philosophy, rather, we enhance the building of apps through these templates and snippet inclusions directly while allowing the mobile developer to focus on that which makes the app a work of art, a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

— Pete (landlord)