Searching … for the haystack

Finding a needle in a haystack – that proverbial elusive thing (needles are not expensive, just buy another one). First, one has to find a haystack – those should be easy enough and CodeNeighbor has lots of haystacks. But … that tiny needle, how did we lose it in a haystack anyway ?

After finding that needle, or in our case an asset, notifications will be sent to our neighbor through the channels they have chosen. Search results can be reviewed to validate whether the located assets align with the search criteria and can be added to their asset library for later use. These types of searches can be automated by adding the search criteria to our machine learning minions and once they locate those needles, have those results brought to your attention.

The search feature has been enhanced to search for assets by library (or kit), further improving the changes of finding exactly what you are looking for. Multiple kits can be used to search across multiple vectors to locate those assets you require.