Dashboard added

A user centric dashboard user interface has been added to CodeNeighbor which provides details on artifacts, latest repositories and other related information. This dashboard will serve as the starting point for the journey into discovering assets, collaborating and building your projects.

Depending on your subscription level, additional capabilities will be present such as chat, visual search, template generation, service creation (and testing), modeling … well, needless to say, we have a lot features we are actively working on.

— Pete (landlord)

Code analysis has begun

One major purpose for this system is to locate (and re-use) artifacts from existing iOS projects. The heavy lift that is required to do this is the analysis of an XCode project and identification of the component parts of a project.

Identification, classification and storing of this information has begun. As this repository of assets grows, the value of those assets are revealed through search, capture and re-use through your own project efforts. Eventually, if those artifacts are ‘watched’ for change, updates to these parent projects can be communicated through the channel of your choosing, to absorb these changes if requested.

Our intent is to build a vast collection of valuable assets, that provide quality, function and have targeted purpose to enable the construction of mobile apps through template generation, annotated inclusion and copying the efforts of those talented authors of these repositories.

As they say, the sincerest imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (for software development, it’s forking someone else’s repository) !

Happy cloning to all our neighbors !

— Pete (landlord)

CodeNeighbor – kick off

CodeNeighbor has launched !

We are excited to start this journey of discovery, collaboration, acceleration of construction and sharing of artifacts, widgets and solutions today. We have some lofty goals to achieve these outcomes and are changing our approach to the ‘way of working’.

While CodeNeighbor is a privately held solution, our belief is through community involvement, together we can build something everyone has a voice in, which will benefit the entire neighborhood! Similar to open sourcing this solution, there will be opportunities for suggestions, contribution (which yields benefits) and market sharing of solutions (to be defined later).

Welcome to CodeNeighbor where we believe that no person is an island and where neighborhoods build teams (formal and informal) that will help us all be successful in the development of mobile applications !

— Pete (landlord)